Toponym – A surname based on place or object, usually a name that is proceeded by a designation—de, of, von, or van, among many others.

Transcript – a word-for-word handwritten or typed document taken from an original source.  Considered a Secondary source, due to possible transcripter’s error.

Translation – very important in genealogy, as all lines eventually go back to another language.  Also used in transcription, abstracts, and extracts to make a source document more readable.  Considered a Secondary source, as the Primary may word things slightly or even very differently, but the translator missed a nuance.

Troubles, The – The term for a period of strife in Ireland where they fought about whether to stay part of the UK or become a Republic of their own, leading to the formation of Northern Ireland (still ruled by the UK today) and the Republic of Ireland, and leading to riots in Northern Ireland in the 60s and the formation of several militant groups, specifically the IRA (Irish Republican Army), with violence still continuing even today.