*update* Scots-Irish – An American term for those who immigrated to America from the northern counties of Ireland, whose ancestry originated in Scotland.

Sephardi – A group of Jewish people from the Iberian area of Europe

Shtetl – A Jewish villiage

Sibling – a person related to another who has the same parent or parents, aka Brother or Sister. If by one parent, then a Half-sibling.

Soundex – A coding system for surnames.

Sources – Of vital importance in Genealogy as in any research.  Primary sources are documents created at the time of a particular event.  Secondary sources are those created from primary sources in one form or another, or with only knowledge of the event, but may have errors in transcription or knowledge.  It is important to keep the known facts over those that are otherwise questionable and unreliable, holding primary sources over secondary, and knowing which is which.

Spinster – a defunct term for an unmarried woman. See also Bachelor.

Spouse – amarried person. See also Husband, Wife.

Step- – a person related to a person through marriage to a parent.  IE, Step-father, Step-sister, Step-mother, Step-brother.

Surname – A person’s family name.  Keep in mind that Surnames traditions vary from country to country, and what is a Last name in the states is actually a first name in Japan, and that other countries have had different traditions in the past.