Mac – Gaelic, meaning “son of.”  See also Ab, Ap, Map, Mc.

Maiden Name – A woman’s surname before her first marriage.

Majority – The age at which a person becomes an adult.  Varies from locality to locality, and according to the time when the person was born.

Map – Welsh, meaning “son of.”  See also Ab, Ap, Mac, Mc.

Maternal – Relating to the lines of one’s female ancestors.

Mc – Gaelic, meaning “son of.” See also Ab, Ap, Map, Mac.

Mennonite – Protestants who migrated to America by way of Alsace, England, and Russia, and settled mainly in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.  See Amish.

Migration vs Immagration vs EmmagrationMigration is the general term for a family (or person) moving from one location to another.  This can be within a city, state, country, or internationally.  When one moves from one country to another, to the old country, that person is an Emigrant, to the new country an Immigrant.  This is important to keep in mind when looking at lists to determine where your family came from and lived.