Galicia– A Germanic country in Eastern Europe to the south and east of Germany covering parts of Southern Poland and western Ukrane.

GEDCOM – “GEnealogical Data COMmunication.”  A file format specifically meant for transferring genealogical information from one computer program to another.

Genealogy – The study of a family’s line

Gentile – The Jewish term for someone not of the Jewish faith.

Generational Collapse – The phenomenon of a single ancestor being in more than one part of a family tree, thereby decreasing the number of new ancestors in preceeding generations.

Given Name – The name someone was given by their parents at birth.  (also known as Birth Name or Proper Name)

Godparent (Godfather/Godmother) – A person chosen by a child’s parent to help in the raising of that child (in religious matters), and who will often become that child’s guardian should the parents pre-decease them. 

Grass Widow – (Germanic term) 1. A woman who has been separated from her husband by distance or time, usually a wife who has been abandoned by a husband without a divorce.  2. A woman who lived with one or more men, but no longer is living with one.  Often a discarded mistress.

Gregorian Calendar – The current calendar system in use today.  Replaced the Julian Calendar.  Also see Old Style Date.