Eire– The Irish term for Ireland.

Emigrant – A person moving FROM their old country.  (not to be confused with Immigrant)

Enemy Alien – A person living in a foreign country when that country becomes involved in a conflict with the Alien’s country of origin.

Enemy Combatant – A military or political prisoner captured during a time of war or conflict with another country.

Entail – To designate a piece of property to a specific group of heirs.

Eponym – A surname derived from a specific person (as their name, or their position).  See Patronym.

Estate – A deceased person’s assets.

Executor – A person appointed to carry out the instructions of a will.  Often a family member or close family friend.

Extract – a document that records specific details from a source document.  May or may not include all important details of a source.  Considered a Secondary source.