Cajun – see Accadian.

CE – Common Era or Christian Era, see also AD.  The more common term to refer to the current calendar system.  Referring to the years 0 and after in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars.  See also BCE.

Census – a regular listing of a country’s populace.  Useful in detecting patterns of Migration.

Chinese Calendar – Also the Xia or Yin Calendar (the Western Calendar is the “Yang” Calendar).  Followed by many East Asian cultures.  First perfected around 500 BCE.

Circa – Latin, “About.”

Codicil – an addition to a will.

Collateral Relation – A relation who is not a direct ancestor or immediate relation.

Concentration Camp – More commonly Internment Camp.  A holding community for those Prisoners of War or Enemy Aliens or other Undesirables, usually during wartime.  Most often used to refer to the Nazi war camps during World War II.

Cousin – a child of one’s aunt or uncle, but also a more generic term for a relation who is descended from a common ancestor, particularly those related by an ancestor more than two generations distant.

Creole – A person of European descent (Generally French or Spanish) born in Louisiana.

Cymru – The Welsh Name for Wales. Welsh is actually from an Anglo-Saxon term meaning “foreign speech.”